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Where the heck has Michael been?

Wow. As I type this I am embarassed by the fact that I haven’t posted a blog post in 20 months. When I look back, I hope you can understand why I’ve been MIA and hopefully there are many exciting things to come in the coming year.

TrustwaveLet’s start with the simple. From a timing perspective, shortly after my last blog post in March of last year, I decided to leave my position as a Senior Software Engineer at CME Group and go to a company called Trustwave. Why did I move? A couple reasons. First of all, Trustwave being in the security domain is hard to pass up. I can honestly say that this is the first domain I have worked in that I am actually interested in. I have worked on many interesting technologies over my career, but all of those have been to solve business problems that were not as exciting to me as the business problems I’m solving today. Second was because of opportunity. Coming to a company that is growing their engineering footprint and product offerings allows me to make a bigger impact more immediately.

Besides changing my day job, I have also updated my after hours activities as well. To start, I have been teaching some of DePaul University’s Professional Development programs. Specifically I’ve been teaching the Hibernate section of the Lightweight Java Web Development program and the Prototype/script.aculo.us section of the Web Development with Ajax Technologies program. I have been enjoying them immensely and look forward to continuing to teach at DePaul.

Pro Spring BatchFinally, and by far the biggest news on where I have been since I last posted is that my first book will be coming out next week. I†w was fortunate enough to use Spring Batch back in my CME Group days and have since explored the framework further. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book and am looking forward to helping others with the framework. Pro Spring Batch is currently available for preorder on Amazon’s
and Apress’s websites.

So what happens now? There are a couple things I’m currently working on that will have an affect on this site. The first is that I’m in progress of redoing this site. In the next month I’ll be moving to a new design that will not only make things easier to find but also allow me to post items of other areas of interest to me (specifically woodworking and photography). The second is that with the new design, I’ll be dropping the ads from the blog. Not a big change,but in the end this blog is about sharing information and not making a buck. Finally, I’ll be posting a couple tutorials about Spring Batch as well as some other new technology areas I’ve been able to explore over the past 20 months.

Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to an exciting time ahead!

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